X2 - Background Image

Pure Design Like a Waterdrop

Sharing the design DNA with P7, the drag coefficient of the flying car is extremely low.

840  kg

Maximum Take Off Weight

680  kg

Empty Weight

25  min


130  km/h

Maximum Flight Speed

1000  m

Maximum Flight Height

*Information is based on the 2023 R&D release
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X2 - Cockpit Image

Smart Cockpit,

Navigate the Future

Floating Display

Ultra Wide Passenger View

Premium Carbon Fiber Materials

X2 - Flying Path Image

One Click,

Routes Plan,

and Ready to Go

Land-Air Coupling

Autonomous Flight Path Planning

Travel Where Your Heart Takes You

Quick Response

Precise Speed Control

Field-Oriented Control

Premium Travel Experience

Premium Travel Experience

High Stiffness Airframe

Multiple Redundant Design

-Full carbon fiber airframe

-Aviation aluminum structure

-Four independent battery packs

-Multi-motor power backup

Airframe Parachute

Real Time Command and Dispatching Center

-Quick response in danger to ensure the safety of the passengers

-Monitor the flight data from the monitoring hall

-Remotely control and dispatch to avoid accidents in advance

*Information is based on the 2023 R&D release

Always Protect You with Our Air Guide

Spherical Environment Detection

Autonomous Return and Landing

Two-Way 4G/5G Communication

Ground Monitoring

Real Time Video

Omnidirectional Camera